Soynika Edwards Bush, Painter and Instructor

Soynika Edwards Bush is an award-winning, museum represented artist and instructor from Prichard, Alabama. Her painting work centers around Black representation through portraiture and working from found photographs. Bush touches on her teaching career saying, “I’m not an art teacher when I’m with my kids. I’m an art cultivator. I meet my kids where they are, and we grow from there. I feel that a kid’s imagination is more important than some may believe. We must allow them to create with no boundaries and see where and how far their minds may wander. I know that art is important to a kid’s development. They are to be free and create what they see and don’t see. Once we grow up, we must go and find that inspiration or find our imagination again. That’s the sad part about being a grown up. I love to see my kids escape from the world and just create.”