Funding Opportunities

Funding is a vital component in the advocacy and success of arts education for all Alabama students. There are several funding opportunities at the federal, state, and local level that can be applied to arts education programming.

Federal Resources



State and Local Resources

  • Start here with an overview of the Seven Basics to Know about ESSA and Arts Education
  • As part of their State Policy Pilot Program, Americans for the Arts produced a webinar about the ins and outs of ESSA
  • The Arts Education Partnership publishes a wealth of resources to help states and districts utilize ESSA for Arts Education
  • The Arts Education Action Kit compiles tools and resources to help advocate for the arts within local school systems
  • The National PTA in Partnership with Americans for the Arts recently released an ArtsEd Leaders Guide to help parents evaluate and improve arts education programming and policies in their districts

Interested in how to take action on the issue of arts education funding?

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Funding Options for Schools, Certified Arts Teachers, Teaching Artists, and Arts Organizations

ASCA Grants

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School districts may apply for:

  • Project Grants (see page 7)
  • Curriculum-based Project Grants (see page 9)
  • Live Arts Learning Grants (see page 20)
  • Administrative Projects for Training or Professional Development, only (see page 10)
  • Quick Assist Grants (see page 21)

Arts organizations may apply for:

  • Project Grants (see page 7)
  • Curriculum-based Project Grants (see page 9)

Individual Artists may apply for:

  • Live Arts Learning Grants (see page 20)
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The Alabama State Department of Education offers $20,000 – $25,000 grants to public schools and community organizations in order to strengthen the development and implementation of a comprehensive arts education program in the schools. Grants may provide additional support to schools having a current plan designed to provide quality arts instruction. Schools must have the full support of staff, including teachers, administrators, specialists, and assistants, and be willing to participate in intensive arts professional development. Programs must show a concerted effort to include the participation of every student, staff member, and administrator. Community organizations must show evidence of planning in partnership with school personnel, designing to meet the needs of the school(s).

RFP’s are usually available and due in the fall of each school year. Funding, if awarded, becomes available in the late spring. For more information about this funding opportunity, contact Andy Meadows at

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Funding Options for LEAs (Local Education Agencies)

Elementary & Secondary Education Act, Ongoing Federal Funding

The Federal government’s main K-12 assistance to States, school districts and schools. Divided into 8 main sections or “Titles”, the Act provides funding through several programs. The law was last revised, or “reauthorized” by Congress in 2015 with the passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act, or ESSA.

COVID-19 Relief Funding

In response to COVID-19, the U.S. Congress passed several relief packages with specific funding sources for schools.

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